Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Flooded Creek

My family in Missouri has been getting drenched lately. It has rained and rained and rained some more. Mom sent me some pictures of all the water this week. I have seen lots of water/rain there before but I've NEVER seen it like this.

Down the hill from Mom's house is the spot where we used to plant a huge garden every year. Just beyond that is this "road" to the creek. I have never seen the creek so full that it comes almost to the garden!

The spot in this picture where I've added the white line is where the bank of the creek should be!

Believe it or not, this creek is usually dry more often than it's found with any water in it.

The highway Mom lives on was even closed a few days. The highway does not even cross a river or creek. The ground was so saturated when the ponds overflowed there was nowhere for the water to go so the highway became flooded. The water you see here is from a pond.


E said...

That's a lot'a water! Reminds me of times when I was a kid when OUR normally dry creek behind our house would flood.

lacey said...

the pic of the highway--theres no pond there!! just a low spot that only collects water when we get a lot of rain-well we have seen a lot! of rain. we went out to moms yesterday and the hi-way is still covered on one side only one lane is opened!!!!! its crazy!!!!!!!!


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