Sunday, April 13, 2008

Road Trippin'

This week our friend Bill asked what we were doing Saturday after the VBS clinic. He then invited Marty and me to go with he and Denise to look at the largest field of Bluebonnets he's ever seen and asked if Heather would babysit their girls while we were out. Heather adores their girls and was all too eager to watch them and Marty and I were ready for a road trip.

The day of our road trip turned out to be simply gorgeous! As is always the case when we go road trippin' with Bill, I get totally, completely lost. He has a love of back roads and Texas history and is very familiar with both. But, he finds some of the most interesting places and loves showing them to us. I knew our final destination of the large bluebonnet field was somewhere near Weimar but had no idea how to get there and knew Bill would lead us there taking the long scenic route.

Bill was a very good sport about all the stops Denise and I requested he make for us to get a closer look or take pictures. They definitely share a love of old buildings with us and we stopped to photograph of few of those too....even crossing fences for a couple of them!

Marty snapped proof that I trespassed on this property for a closer look at this old building....

Upon closer inspection it appears to be an old store building and it sits out in the middle of nowhere.

from the back. Notice the grape vine embedded in the stone above the door.

I wasn't the only one interested in taking pictures today! This is my friend Denise.

I SO want to live here!!!!

I loved the Texas Paintbrush and Bluebonnets in the hay field!

Believe it or not, this is still not the field of flowers we were headed toward.

Gorgeous as this field is, it's still not THE ONE.

We scaled another fence (well, gate!) for a closer look at another building...

Another old store building we found. This one says "Hackberry Tex" at the very top. Click here to see more information on this building and town. This place was fascinating and when a family member of the owners came to see what we were up to, gave us more history of the old properties in the area.

THIS is the field that was our destination today! We debated back and forth whether we should cross the fence for pictures IN the field...

As you can see....cross the fence we did!

Me, Marty, Bill and Denise in the field of Bluebonnets.

Marty wanted to snap a photo of me in the Bluebonnets.

Marty and Me.

Denise and Bill.

Anyone hungry for some Bluebell Ice Cream???

As we headed back toward home we passed an exotic animal ranch and found some of the animals near the road so Bill parked for a closer look.

This guy was very curious and posed for several photos before becoming nervous and running away.

These 2 were across the road from the above photo and almost as curious and a whole lot more nervous.


He wasn't curious at all and just seemed to hope I'd go away.

Perfect ending to a beautiful day!!!

Thank you, Bill and Denise for a great day!!!


E said...

I'm glad y'all had such a good trip! You got some great photos. That last one is beautiful. I really like the ones of y'all trespassing though. Too funny!

LACEY said...


Angela said...

Wow, what a great day. So many beautiful things to photograph and good friends to share it with! I second wanting to live in the white house!!! I LOVE white farm houses. After all the rain and flooding, it has turned cold again here with more rain forcasted for this week--I may have to come visit you for some warm weather:-)

Tammy said...

Angela, come on down!!! We love company and you can come with us next weekend for another great photography opportunity!!!

PS the weather's still gorgeous here and you'll warm up in no time!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - those old buildings are awesome. My great-grandfather had a general store in a teensy tiny little town in central Illinois, and I'm fascinated with buildings and such from that era. What a gorgeous gorgeous day.

Irene said...

Wow, those flowers are gorgeous. I would have been taking a million family would never get me out of there!

Great Pictures!!!

"J" said...

Wow...I love allllllll your pics! I came over from CPA Mom! I posted some pics from the lake house this weekend and she told me about you!!! =) So I wanted to come over and say HELLO! =)



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