Friday, April 4, 2008

Trip to Fredericksburg with Nana

This is a beautiful time of year to drive thru the Hill Country of Texas and into Fredericksburg. My friend Denise and I took a road trip last year on Good Friday to see the flowers in bloom and check out Wildseed Farms.

Nana comes to see me every other year and I've never taken her to Fredericksburg so when she began planning for her trip this year, she told me she wanted to see that town during her visit. So, last Saturday that's just what we did. While the wildflowers enroute were a disappointment, the butterflies in the Butterfly Hause inside Wildseed Farms couldn't have been more cooperative.

On the way to Fredericksburg we made a couple of stops, the 2nd of which was here at a park in Blanco.

Marty spied some fish swimming just beneath the surface of the water and was showing them to Heather.

Of course he had to go for a closer look. I was sure his boots were going to slip on the wet rocks!

Once we arrived in Fredericksburg, the most interesting flowers we found were inside the Butterfly Hause.

There were many butterflies that made it easy to capture their pictures. This one, however was very elusive. The white ones didn't stay in one place long enough to snap a photo. This is the only photo I managed to get of one of the white butterflies.

There are 2 butterflies in this photo.

Marty and Heather inside the Butterfly Hause.

Butterflies even landed on each of us at least once.

Heather with the first butterfly to land on her.

This butterfly is on the back of Nana's shirt.

This butterfly landed on my jacket so Marty snapped this photo.

a butterfly on Marty's t-shirt.


E said...

It's a good thing I didn't let my KIDS see your blog with it's GRAPHIC picture of the two butterflies. Goodness! [wink] j/k

I always love the Blanco River pics because we spent many summers playing right there on that dam when we lived there.

busysingersmom said...

Beautiful pictures! The second picture of the trail by the river makes you feel like you are walking down it. :)

And good luck to Heather today too! I know she will do great!


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