Friday, April 11, 2008

Dance Team

Recently I was asked to photograph the dance team and the drill team after they completed their dance competition season. The girls wanted their team photos taken with all their newly acquired trophies and awards.

In Austin at the Lone Star State Championships the Starsteppers brought home a 1st Division Rating in the jazz routine, their Kick routine and their modern routine. They were the 2nd runner up State Champion as well and they were awarded the Sweepstakes.

After competing at Crowd Pleasers in Houston the team received a 1st Division Rating, the Judges Excellence Award, and the Best in Class award for their jazz routine, their kick routine and their modern routine. The team also was awarded the Super Sweepstakes and for the 2nd year in a row they were named the Small Team Grand Champion.

All these trophies and plaques sure look impressive!
Girls, you all did such a marvelous job this year!
I'm proud of each of you for all your hard work!!!

Back row: Machell, Brooke, Shelby, Heather
row 3: Jenalee, Kathleen, Fleur, Ashley, Ashley, Chelsea
row 2: Carmina, Bryanna, Cleary, Sydnee, Nancy, Mia
front row: Nikita, Jordan, Kristi, Michelle

Heather is in the upper right corner. The 2 girls to her right (Shelby and Brooke) and one other girl directly in front of Heather (Ashley) have danced with her since we moved here 7 years ago.

The Starstepper Officers competed as a small group in addition to competing with the Starsteppers Dance Team. From the Lone Star State Championship in Austin, the Starstepper Officers brought home 1st Division Ratings for their lyrical routine, their novely routine and their hiphop routine. Their lyrical routine also placed 1st runner up State Champion. The Officers were also awarded the Sweepstakes Award.

In Houston at the Crowd Pleasers Competition, the officers received 1st Division Ratings, Judges Excellence Awards, and Best in class for their lyrical routine, their novelty routine and their hip hop routine. The officers received the Super Sweepstakes Award and were also the Small Team Most Outstanding Officer Group for the 2nd year in a row.

The Starstepper Officers: Nikita (Lieutenant), Jordan (Social Officer), Kristi (Lieutenant), Michelle (Captain)

The seniors of the dance team: Carmina, Nikita, Jordan, Kristi, Mia. Good luck in your future endeavors, girls! It's been a pleasure being one of your "team moms!"

The Rising Stars Drill Team

Most of these young ladies will return as Starsteppers Dance Team members next school year! Welcome aboard, ladies!

I've been the team "photographer" for 2 years now and I've enjoyed the opportunity to get to know these girls. They are a great group and I can't wait to see what these girls can do next year.

Today I was asked to present the scholarships to the winning graduating senior dancers at the high school awards banquet next month. Although getting up in front of a group terrifies me, I consider it an honor to be able to participate and I look forward to making the presentations. Good luck, girls!

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