Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Grandpa's Bloom

Mom's been traipsing around Grandpa's place taking photos. She sent me a cd full of spectacular photos. I can't remember the last time I saw this many blooms there, especially after Grandma became too sick to care for all her flowers that grew in abundance by the house.

It has taken me a few days to view the pictures. My computer has not been cooperative in loading her cd and tonight's the first time I've viewed all of them. Some of the pictures really brought back memories of the times I and my siblings and cousins were running all over the place; from one pond to another; from the saw mill to the barn; from the house to the shop.

Looking at the pictures of the ponds reminded me of a time several of us were fishing in the pond by the barn and we kept catching snapping turtles instead of fish. I remember a huge one my cousin Chester caught and I wouldn't go near it!

The photos with the old barn in the background reminded me of following Grandma down to the barn and chatting with her while she milked the cow. She'd call the cow and the cow would go straight to the stantion and I'd pour her grain. Grandma would take her one legged stool off the wall and balance on that and prop her forehead against the cow and could always get more milk than I ever could! The cats would all come running and she'd squirt the milk straigt into each of their mouths before going back to filling her milk pail. I always hated the cows and the milking but loved to watch Grandma or Mom do it and loved talking to them when they did.

It's my hope that when Grandpa is gone, whoever next inhabits his land will carry with them as many memories as we all have from there.

I'll have to ask Mom, but I'm almost positive this photo was taken on the highway she and Grandpa live on, just about a half mile up the road from his place.

To me, this photo perfectly reflects both Grandma and Grandpa.

Fabulous photos, Mom! Thanks for sharing and for allowing me to share with everyone else!


E said...

Wow, those really are pretty. Number 9 took forever to download, but its one of the best... =0)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. I can see why ya'll love it there.


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