Saturday, April 5, 2008

Action Packed Saturday

We had a busy Saturday today, but it's been a fun day spent with friends. First, because Heather has a band trip in two weeks that includes a day at a waterpark on the beach she needed a swimsuit soon! So, Erica and I decided to get up early and head to the stores and get ourselves swimsuits too. It will be warm enough for swimming before we know it. Our first stop was a store none of us had ever been to before and can you believe all 3 of us found swimsuits at the same store and we never had to go anywhere else??!! That NEVER happens. Last year we were all over the mall, and a few other stores before all 3 of us had suits. Heather lucked out and after a few minutes, one trip to the dressing room, and 3 swimsuits later, her choice was made. Not so for Erica and me. We had piles of swimsuits to go through before we found ours. Heather was a great sport running from the dressing room to bring tops and bottoms in another size, or find something that will match this, etc. Thanks Heather!!!! You were awesome for doing that for us!!! At one point, who'd have guessed that Erica and I would emerge from the dressing rooms at the same the exact same suit. We looked at each other and just laughed! What are the odds??? A couple of hours later, we all emerged with new suits in hand ready to grab a quick lunch and run home to get our families to head to a birthday party.

Two little boys who go to church with us had their birthday party together today. Collin turned 8 and Matthew turned 9. Although we don't have small children anymore to attend parties such as these, we are always blessed to be included. We always enjoy helping them celebrate and love being a part of the kids' lives who we teach in Sunday School and Kids Klub at church.

The party was a lot of fun for all the kids and even all the adults. There were lots of games and activities planned and even the adults got to get in on the fun! The kids played musical chairs, got wet on the slip 'n' slide, and took turns swinging at the pinata. Everyone (adults included) got in on an egg relay and an egg toss.

Heather "helping" Cody and Matthew with the musical chairs.

Chivalry is dead! Maggie and Michael were the last 2 in musical chairs and there was such a scramble for the last chair that Maggie ended up on the ground!!!

Katie was the first one out in Musical Chairs and her heart was broken so I took her off to the side and sidetracked her with helping me take pictures. We didn't know that while we did that Erica was snapping our picture. Here, Erica shows Katie the pictures she took of us.

Me helping Katie take pictures of the kids playing musical chairs. Thanks, E, for sharing this photo with me!!!

Birthday boy Collin takes the first swing at the pinata.

Birthday boy Matthew is up next.

This little guy, Bryson, was sooo cute as he swung his bat!!! He is the grandson of our friends David and Linda and cousin to both birthday boys.

All of us in various rows as we toss eggs to our partner. Sorry I broke our egg, Erica!!! Marty and Erica's son Mathew won this game!

Marty giving Matthew his birthday spanking.

Marty and Bill with the prizes they won for guessing the closest number of jelly beans in the jar.

I helped Katie play the egg relay game. She was very nervous that she'd drop our egg and said, "Mrs. Tammy you'd better do this, I'm not very good at it." But Katie did great!!!

Denise so carefully carrying her egg in a spoon.

Our friends Richard and Nancy.

Heather has spent many hours babysitting Matthew and his brothers Michael and Mason. Here she is with the birthday boy, Matthew. He adores Heather!

Riley looking too cute in her birthday hat and playing with the party favors.

Katie really got into her chocolate cake!

Erica and Jason

Matthew takes a deep breath before blowing out his candles.

Matthew and Collin blowing out their candles.

Tim fired at Marty with a water gun and the war was on!

Look out everyone, they're coming through!!!

Marty and me relaxing with friends.

Happy Birthday boys! What a great party and thank you for inviting us!!!

For more photos of the day check out Erica's blog.

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E said...

First of all, my thanks to Heather for her role as "Dressing Room Attendant" today! You really were great!

Secondly, it WAS a long but fun day, huh? I enjoyed it all!!!


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