Saturday, April 19, 2008

Texas Sandfest 2008

I've heard for several years of the big Texas Sandfest held each year on the beach in Port Aransas and I've seen pictures online and in emails and have always wanted to see it for myself. We decided early this year that this is the year we were going to check it out. It is a 3 day event but with our commitments at church we opted to only go down for a day. We missed getting to see the final results of all the sand sculptures but what we did see was pretty amazing.

It's a very small world as Port Aransas is not all that close to where we live, yet we were surrounded by people from our town. As we left from getting our parking permit for the beach and pulled onto the beach road, Marty's boss was in the truck right behind us and parked right next to us on the beach. On the other side of us was another family from our town and on the other side of them were our friends Jimmy and Paula and a bunch of their friends, all also from here. We also ran into some of our neighbors as we wondered around!

Upon arrival the first thing everyone did was check to see how cold the water was....much too cold for the adults to get in!!! Marty checks out the water temperature.

The coldness of the water did not deter Erica's kids from enjoying the waves!!

Riley and Cameron. Thanks guys for joining us for such a fun day!!!

Cameron, Mathew, and Marty walking along the beach.

Here are a few of the sand sculptures. Be watching for more photos on future posts!

Such detail! This dragon was one of my favorites.

I'm really curious about how this one will look when finished. I'll be checking the web for final photos of it!

Marty and me.

Erica and her kiddos:

Cameron, Mathew, Riley and Erica.

We're sorry you had to work today, Jason. We missed you!

Marty and me with E's family. Heather, we missed you too but we know you are having a blast on South Padre Island!

As E turned around to snap a photo of us I took one of her.

Our whole group after we met up with Jimmy and Paula.

Mathew, Riley, Erica, Marty, me, Jim, Paula, and Cameron.

Paula and Jim.

Marty with his two "dates" for the day!

Erica and me.

When we needed to get out of the sun for a while we hit the shops in Port A. All of us decided to pose for a photo in the shark's mouth in front of one of the shops.

Me and Marty strolling the beach.

Erica and I strolling the beach later in the day when it was a little chilly.

Erica's sign in the sand.

What is a trip to the beach without ending the day with dinner at the Crazy Cajun???

Before we got in line to board the ferry Marty took us over to the park where we walked along a pier. Here's E and her bunch on the pier.

Me and Marty.

As Marty looped around the long ferry line I got out of the car to snap sunset photos as I waited for him.

What a fun day with friends!

Let's make this an annual tradition guys!!!

For more photos of our day, check out Erica's blog.


Jackie said...

those sand sculptures look so neat. If I ever make it out to Texas to see my dad I'll have to plan it so I can drive down to see that.

LACEY said...




Angela said...

Simply amazing!!! I stand in awe of people with such talent! I am soooo jealous of your getting to spend the day at the beach. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. (We are actually having a beautiful spring weekend in the ozarks--for once--Ha).

E said...

What an awesome day it was! Thanks so much for letting us crash your 'date'. =0) We had a blast!!! Yearly event? No, we're going back a few more times THIS summer first!

CPA Mom said...

OMG Tammy, how AMAZING and Happy do you look?!?!?!

Love the sand sculptures - reminds me a lot of our Neptune Festival!


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