Thursday, April 17, 2008

Road Trip...Revisited

I posted photos of a recent road trip with friends here. I also posted more photos of that day here. While we were out and about that gorgeous Saturday, I also snapped some pictures of a couple of churches. I like old churches, probably because I grew up in a very old, small country church. When that church was first established it was a one room school house. One of the churches I photographed Saturday reminded me a lot of the church I grew up in.

The other church was just down the highway from the huge field of bluebonnets I posted pictures of recently. Even in the field of bluebonnets we could hear the chimes of the bells from the bell tower of this church. It was a beautiful sound and so complimented our trek through the pretty flowers!

While we were roaming around we stopped at an old general store and we all got a kick out of this population sign posted on the building. I wonder how close it is to the current population???


E said...

I like old buildings/churches, too. Those pictures are really good cuz the sky behind them is just CRISP and BLUE and not a cloud in sight. =0)

ME!! said...

Great job taking those handicap signs out

Tammy said...

Bill--it must be ESP because I KNEW you'd leave a comment and that's what you'd say! ;0)


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