Monday, May 4, 2009

Vintage Trucks

Recently I posted some closeups of emblems of vintage cars I took on a recent trek to a local salvage yard with my friend Nancy. Here are a few photos of some of the old trucks...and keep watching if you like this sort of thing because I'm not through yet and there are more photos to come.

This photo venture turned out like many of mine do...with my feet covered in fire ant bites. You'd think I'd learn not to wear my flip flops on occasions such as these, but nope....I seem to ALWAYS be out and about in flip flops. Now it's not just Marty sighing and shaking his head at me and telling me I'm going to get on a snake or in fire ants or in the stickers...Nancy has chimed in as well. Each time she suggests another photo taking venture she reminds me that I really need to wear my tennis shoes. Maybe next time, Nancy!


MeMe said...

The rusty Ford pics remind me of the movie "Cars".

Tammy said...

I thought the same thing MeMe!

Boom trucks said...

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