Monday, May 25, 2009

Tubes+Sunny Day+River+Friends & Family=FABULOUS Day!

If you've been reading here long you know I'm a "Texas transplant" and that I was raised in Missouri, and in fact have only lived in Texas for 8 years. In those 8 years I hear every summer stories of floating on the Guadalupe or the Comal, but had never been myself. My friend Kendra, also raised in West Plains, MO, also lives here. Kendra will be moving away very soon and wanted to take us floating before she leaves. We hoped for a warm sunny day for Memorial Day so we could do that. Today was perfect and we met in New Braunfels to float the Comal River.

I have never seen so many tubers on one river before. I've seen it in pictures so knew what to expect, but seeing that many in person and actually getting in the water with all of them was another matter.

Myself, Marty and Kendra ready to get in the river!

The kids anxious to get wet!

My daughter Heather, and Kendra's kids Ashton, and Erica

As we headed out I passed out 4 disposable waterproof cameras and told everyone to just keep passing them around as we floated. It's been so much fun to see what pictures we all captured of our afternoon!

Me and Kendra. I'm going to miss you Kendra!!!!

The section of the river we floated has 3 Tube Chutes, where the water runs fast and you get "spit out" farther down river and are told to "hold on to your tube!" After the first tube chute our group became separated and had to wait downstream for all of us to catch up with one another. We all managed to stay on our tubes though and did manage to get together and stay together after that. The next tube chute was an entirely different scenario. I entered that tube chute expecting to sail through it much as the first, but instead of floating around a large rock I went right over it. And unfortunately for me, I did not hear Kendra yell lift your bottoms on this one....and scraped my bottom on said rock, sailed right off my tube and landed on very slippery rocks. I did manage to grab my tube as I flew off so I had it in my hand, but wasn't sure whether to attempt to walk off the slippery rocks into the deeper water...or if I could manage to keep my tube under me in the fast flowing water if I attempted to just get back on it. Everyone in my group was out of reach. A man was standing nearby and before I could take a step, held out his arm and said "here, let me help you." He helped me get off the slippery rocks and back into the deeper water where Marty was able to reach and help hold my tube so I could get back on. Whew! Tragedy of further embarassment averted!

Me, and Marty's not far behind.

My "oh so cool" daughter Heather

Marty just chillin' and relaxin'

Me, Erica and Kendra floating lazily along.

Ashton, Kendra, Me, Marty

Me and Kendra

This one's for Kendra's husband John! :0)

We continued on floating lazily down the river at a slow, relaxed pace. In the 3rd and final tube chute, I did go around the rocks this time AND stayed on my tube...but somehow began spinning in the churning waters of this chute and could not stop turning circles. I managed to avoid knocking my knees against the rock walls...but will have a nice size bruise on my back from one impact.

We had such and enjoyable time I'd do it all again! I've found that no matter the activity, whether off on a fun adventure, or chilling at one of our homes, whenever we are with Kendra's family, there are many laughs all around.

I LOVE this photo of Ashton as we were walking back to the cars.

Of course what float trip would be complete without a stop for snow cones???
Heather and me waiting for ours.

Although Marty and I have been tubing before (in Missouri), this was Heather's first trip and she had a blast!

The kids walking back to the cars:
Erica, Heather and Ashton (who was the perfect gentleman carrying many tubes!)


~HeAtHeR~ said...

yup yup yup fun fun fun

Debbie said...

That looks like so much fun! Glad you all had a chance to go before your friend left.

C and C Mommy said...

Glad you had fun....maybe we should trade adventures. We will take you to the rope swing/river lot and you can take us tubing!!

Tammy said...

Debbie, it was a BLAST! and C&C Mommy, you have yourself a deal!

marty said...

had an absolute blast today and plan on going more often!!! thanks for the invite kendra

Billie said...

Freddie and I want to go too. I really like the last picture.

Kendra said...

This was a great time spent with a great family! Miss All of You!


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