Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Memory of Chris

There was once a little girl who absolutely adored playing with dolls. Her parents and grandparents lavished her with dolls to play with, and although she often played with many of them, she always had a favorite which was never ever neglected. That particular doll beared the name of Chris and was a Christmas gift when she was a year old. Although she doesn't ever remember that doll being pink in color, she could see by the picture she saw when she was older that Chris was indeed pink at one time. She only had fond memories of a doll she thought had always been brown. Chris' color attested to the deep love the child had for the doll, and with how often the child played with Chris. Many toys would always be remembered fondly by this child, but Chris held a special place in her heart.

This little girl also adored playing with her siblings (when they weren't fighting of course!) and her many many cousins. Most of her cousins lived nearby and she'd see them often. A few even lived across the field and they'd play daily. Some cousins lived far away and only occasionally visited. Such is the case with the child's cousin Brandon. Branon was much younger than the little girl and although she adored playing with his sister Shelly, who was closer to her age, an incident occured on one such visit that caused much disdain in the little girl's heart for Brandon. For some reason never understood by the little girl, Brandon destroyed the girl's beloved Chris. Chris was literally ripped to pieces. The girl, who just knew her mommy could fix everything, was sure Mommy could fix Chris too and Chris was handed over to Mommy. The girl assumed Chris was lying on a shelf awaiting her day of repairs, when one day she found Chris' face in the trash. Oh the devastation that followed! Even more in anguish than the day Brandon tore the doll to shreds, the girl cried and cried that her Mommy would dare throw away her beloved Chris.

Although the little girl went on to play with other toys and yes, even other dolls, she NEVER forgot Chris...or her anger at Brandon for taking her away.

As the children grew to be adults the distance between them and busy high school, college, and adult lives moved them farther and farther apart. They lost touch completely until one day....the girl found Cousin Brandon in a place on her computer called facebook. More and more family was found and reunited. The little girl's mommy and Brandon's sister Melanie attended a funeral and somehow began discussing the long ago incident with Chris. Melanie must have said something to Brandon for not to long ago Brandon messaged the little girl, now an adult, and asked for her mailing address. The next week, the woman received a lovely card in the mail. The face of the card contained a pretty spanish doll, adorned in sequins and lace and on the back a sweet note from Brandon. The woman was all smiles that Cousin Brandon thought of her from so far away in Spain, and she in the big ol' state of Texas...both so far from their home state of Missouri. Although the childhood grudge had long ago been forgiven...the woman was so touched to have been thought of in this way. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Cousin Brandon!


C and C Mommy said...

very sweet!!

Lavonne said...

Too too sweet.

Sherri Kaye said...

How sweet was that. How wonderful it is to travel back in time and feel the happiness and sometimes sadness (in Chris' case) that the memories bring.


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