Monday, May 18, 2009

Officially a Debutante

The nomination has occurred, the meeting attended, the necessary forms signed....and yesterday the pin attached and the sash placed....Heather is officially a debutante for the next year. Debutantes are more than just the senior girls all beautifully dressed in all white, very full formal gowns attending a formal ball and presented by their fathers....They are the ambassadors for the Mid Texas Symphony and have a full year of events ahead of them.

Just imagining that ball coming next January where her daddy will present her: he in a tux and she in that fabulous white gown brings tears to my eyes. Until that day, there will be parties to plan and attend, etiquette and poise classes to attend, bonding events, Symphony concerts to usher, waltz lessons to take, etc. It sounds like it will be a very busy year...on top of Heather's already full schedule of band, dance and various other activities.

Yesterday was the first debutante event, and the kickoff for the new season. It was a mother/daughter tea and last year's debutantes were in attendance to offically pin the sashes on the new debutantes. It was a fun afternoon of meeting all the other girls and their moms.

Because I have been hired to create a memorable photo presentation for this year's debutantes, I will be at most, if not all of, the upcoming events, to forever record unforgettable moments of the year.

Heather and I at the Mother/Daughter Debutante Tea

Last year's debutantes were allowed to choose to pin sashes on the new debutantes that are friends of theirs. This is Heather and her friend Megan who pinned her sash.

Megan and Heather

All of last year's debs posed on the stairs with all of the new debs.

All these beautiful young ladies will be graduating this year and officially handed off their debutante pins to next year's senior girls.

The new debutantes. (A few girls were unable to attend the tea so there are about 4 more girls not pictured here)


Megan, Heather, and her friend Tiffany

Before the end of the tea party, the new debs were divided into groups to plan the upcoming year's parties. This is Heather's group: Jessica, Lizzie, Heather, Tiffany, and Meredith. They are hard at work planning their December party together.

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