Monday, June 1, 2009

River Rats

A group of us headed back to the Comal River for another quick float trip Saturday afternoon. (Billie, Freddie, Mike & were all missed!) My friend Kendra brought her friends along for their first trip. What a fun afternoon we all had together!

My hunny and me

The river seemed to be even more crowded with tubers than on Memorial Day!

The view from my tube

Scott & Victoria

My hunny!

Kendra's son Ashton and Heather

Even waterproof cameras get splashes of water on them that will affect the picture...but I posted it anyway!
Heather, Kendra and Me.

Kendra and new-to-us frineds:

Kendra, Sam, Paydon, Scott & Victoria

Paydon, Sam, & Scott

Kendra keeping cool on the Comal!


Kristine Corpus said...

holy smokes! You guys filled up that river! From the pictures it looks like it was a popular idea! fun.

Debbie said...

Oh how I wish that we were able to go.... It looks like so much fun! Maybe next time!!


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