Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It is once again time for a "Not Me Monday" post in which I admit to all the craziness that is my life while at the same time denying it all. "Not Me Monday" is where I inform you of all the insanity of the previous week! To take part in all the goofy fun head over to MckMamma's blog to get started and to see what everyone has NOT been up to!

Oh the insanity! It has not been forever and a day since I participated in "Not Me!" Monday. Nope, I never leave my readers hanging wondering what the heck???

Yesterday I did not go off to shoot photos for the afternoon, leaving the battery for my camera perched in a charger at home! Nope, not me! Are you kidding??? Me??? Forget something so crucial for taking photographs???? Surely, you jest!

In preparing for this week's VBS at church, of which I am a co-director, I did not assure the other director I'd make some signs so the children would know where to sit in the worship rally...and then promptly forget to do it! Hello? Did you not read above? I just don't forget things. Not me!

One evening last week my (17 year old) daughter and I went swimming in the pool in the backyard. I did not decide that at 38 years old I want to learn to swim underwater. I mean, what 38-year old woman who does know how to swim and owns a pool doesn't know how to swim underwater, right??? And no, said daughter did not attempt to teach me and did not indeed laugh at her mother either. And while we're at it, I also won't admit that I never learned to dive either. Nope, not me!

Want to join the therapy of admitting to the quirkiness of everyday life, while at the same time denying it all??? Head over to MckMamma's blog to join the fun!!

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