Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tony's Graduation

We drove to San Antonio last night to attend our nephew Tony's high school graduation. Although for only 70 students it was a looong ceremony, I do like attending the ceremonies of the school on the military post. It's always impressive to see all the military families..and even the students' speeches are awesome and a little different than what you'd hear from other schools. These kids are military kids who have often moved from one post to another multiple times during their school years and that is often mentioned in the speeches. Of these kids there were a few who had actually all been together their entire school career, but not many. Attending a ceremony like this and listening to these incredible kids makes you realize just how much these families sacrifice at times. I only knew one of these graduates, but was so moved by the kids' speeches anyway.

As I sat through Tony's graduation, I kept seeing images of when he and his brother Chris (who graduated last year) were so small...images of the 2 boys playing with Heather in our house in Arizona when she was a baby, images of the 3 of them playing in the snow at Granny's house in Wyoming. Those boys have been through so much and I am so proud of the young men they have become.

Because my brother in law Mike is in the Army, we haven't all been able to live close enough to see his family often throughout the years. When Mike moved his family to the post in Texas a few years ago was the first time we've ever all lived within driving distance of each other and able to spend holidays and celebrations together. When the kids were small we'd all see each other for a few days in the summer when we'd all make the trek to Wyoming for the family reunion, or when Mike would drive his family to come visit us when between posts.

Tony, it has been a privelege to get to know you as a young man and I'm so very very proud of your accomplishments!

Tony as the graduates made their way into the auditorium.

Tony awaiting his introduction and diploma


My brother in law Mike was deployed to Iraq a few months ago. He was able to come home on a short leave to attend Tony's graduation! How awesome!
The twins: Mike and Marty

After the ceremony as we all headed back to our cars Tony commented on this sculpture so I told him to go get in it for a picture! So....we all decided to climb on and take pictures!

Mike's family:
Mike, Debbie, Chris, Cil, Cheyenne, and Tony

My family on the sculpture:

Heather, Marty and me

Chris and Heather trying to find a spot and not slide!!!

ALL of us! (none of us brought tripods, so a trash can had to make do!)

Chris (who is in the Air Force and stationed in Arizona now) and his wife Cil.

All the kids (and get used to it kids, no matter how old you get you will still be referred to as the kids)

Now it is very typical of Marty and Mike to climb to the top of stuff like this and monkey around (somewhere there are photos of them in the park of their hometown on top of the swing set). Now, Chris acts just like his dad and uncle!

All the gals


MeMe said...

Good pics. So glad his Dad got to be home for this important event. I love the shots of the family.

Thatcher's Mommy said...

Too cute. Love the sculpture.


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