Monday, June 15, 2009

Debutantes--Outdoor Learning Center

Sunday afternoon all the debutantes had a team bulding day at the Outdoor Learning Center. They had several activities in which they had to work together as a group to solve problems, plan ahead accomplish their tasks.
I had planned to be there for part of the afternoon to take some photos of them. When I arrived, it was to find that I'd left my camera battery at home on the charger! Thankfully, my friend Dana shared her photos with me! Thanks Dana!

The girls all balanced on this log, then without talking or falling off arrange themselves in alpahtetical order.

In another activity, the girls has to balance on a cable, holding onto a rope for balance. They had a team mate on the opposite side of the triangle, holding onto the same rope that was attached by a pulley to a pole. If one girl pulled too hard on the rope trying to keep her balance, she would cause her partner to fall off her cable.

Tiffany and Heather, sharing a roap for balance as they walked a cable. They had to learn to hold themselves up while at the same time helping to stablize their partner.

Heather balancing on the cable.

Another activity involved getting all 14 girls from the first platform across 3 more platforms using 3 boards that were not long enough to reach from one platform to the next. The girls could not step on the ground, nor could any of the planks touch the ground.

Heather and Victoria working together to place a plank between the platforms.

Heather walking across the planks from the 2nd to the 3rd platform.

During the team's final activity, they had to help one another up over this very tall wall. The instructor was able to help with the first and last girls but other than that they were on their own. This team of athletes, dancers and cheerleaders amazed me in how they accomplished this. It was awesome watching the girls manage this task. They worked very well together and each girl was able to quickly get to the top with the aid of her team mates. Good job girls!

Audrey was the first one up and over the wall.

The instructor, Audrey, and Lizzie helping Heather over the wall.

Heather, Lizzie, and Audrey helping Hannah over the wall from above.

All the girls at the top of the wall.

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