Sunday, June 8, 2008


After our VBS work day friends joined us for an afternoon/evening of playing in the pool. The pool hasn't even been up 2 weeks and what a blessing this gift has already been! We are so enjoying sharing it with friends! And the only drawback I've found in all these that we smell like campfire smoke!

Everyone jumped in and enjoyed the pool.
-Katie and Riley-

Bethany enjoyed it when Erica flipped her over on the air mattress. E tried to teach Bethany how to hold on and stay on it as it rolled all the way over, but Bethany lost her grip when she went over.


....heave, ho, and over you go!

Bill and Denise were able to join us today. Glad you could come guys!

Sheesh Marty do ya always have to be so serious? Lighten up, will ya???

Heather spent much of her pool time trying to convince anyone on a floatie to let her prop her feet on them!

Heather, Bethany, and Riley decided I needed to be flipped.

I'll get you for that! You first, Bethany!

And in you go!

When the adults got out of the pool to sit and chat on the deck the kids began a game of chicken.

Maggie stayed up a long time, but Cameron knocked her over.

Dinner time! On the menu: grilled hamburgers or roast your own hot dogs.

Erica, Maggie, Katie and I opted for the hotdogs.

Katie and me as she helped me roast our hotdogs.

Marty took a pretty freaky picture of Erica enjoying her marshmallows.

Bill and Denise chillin' on the deck.

It was a fun afternoon guys! Thanks for joining us. Go check out E's blog for more pics of our fun day.


marty said...

I thought that I was being a pretty good sport. Seems to me you got pretty wet a few times.

E said...

Yea, Marty was actually sticking his tongue out and being GOOFY in that picture. =0)

And what on EARTH is with that marshmallow pic of me? Ha ha ha, Seems you get one of those of me every year, don't ya?

We had fun!


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