Friday, June 27, 2008

Update On The Patient

Howdy all! It's "E" again. I've been receiving emails and comments from Tammy's friends from afar as well as some family members. "Nice to meet you all!" =0) Everyone's requesting updates on Tammy's status (she's in the hospital in case you didn't know), so I promised I'd give an update here on her blog tonight.

As of yesterday, Tammy was feeling quite a bit better, her spirits were up, and she was really wanting to come home. However, her fever went up again this morning, they changed her antibiotics, and she's been nauseated again all day today - not holding much food down and eating very little. =0( She has to go for at least 24 hours without fever before they'll allow her to come home, so we'll see how it goes tonight and tomorrow morning.

I went and visited with her again this evening, and she said she KNOWS she's in no condition to come home based on how she felt today. {{{Sigh}}} Hopefully tomorrow will be a GOOD day... today definitely was a downer. It was good to see balloons and flowers and cards from all of those that have taken the time to stop in and visit her. She definitely appreciates the visits.

Hopefully she'll be home soon and you won't have to hear updates from ME anymore, but can hear how she's doing directly from her.

We're still praying for you, Tammy!!! Get well SOONER!


CPA Mom said...

Thanks E, for this and for your emails. I'm still worried, but at least I know she's in good hands!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy,

You are on our church bulletin prayer list and on our E-prayer Chain. We pray that you'll be much better soon and be home in a day or two.

Love ya',
Erica's Mom, Jean


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