Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tammy's Out Sick

Greetings all!!! But this isn't Tammy. It's her friend E. I have officially hijacked her blog... but she gave me permission! =0)

As all of her loyal readers would know, she had not been feeling well for the last week and a half. She was admitted into the hospital last night - diagnosed simply with an infection. The source is not yet known.

We visited with her for a couple of hours this evening and her spirits are up - but so is her fever. She's hoping to be back home and blogging again by Thursday, Lord willing.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Tammy! Get well soon!!!

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Riley said...

Dear Mrs. Tammy I'm sorry your in a Hospital. I feel very sorry for you. I will be praying for you so you can get well so you can come to church and listen to pastor Mitch and read your Bible.

love Riley to Mrs. Tammy

Angela said...

So sorry to hear that you are in the hospital, but hope the doctors soon find out what is wrong. Take care of yourself!

busysingersmom said...

Tammy! I had been wondering about you.... and I had just decided if you didn't post today that I would email you to see if everything was ok. I hope you find out what the problem is and are back on your feet soon!

Thank you E for the update.


Anonymous said...

till monday???? wow will i ever get to see my mom again...



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