Tuesday, June 3, 2008

2 Down....1 to Go!

Although I'm sure I will have some details to go back and tweak, two of the three figures on my painting project are complete! Woo hoo!

Yesterday was a long day and I didn't even arrive home until 9:30 pm or so, but I was determined some more work would be done on the painting. I had a meeting right after work and needed to stay in town until Heather finished at dance camp at 8:30 so I killed time by shopping for groceries. I'm sure my family is thankful I finally did so as the pickings were getting slim in the cupboards! When we're all this busy we tend to just grab a few things at the store on our way through town to get us through a day or two, or a meal or two. I had lots of time to kill because with gas so high I refused to come back home and then go back to town for Heather. I took my time shopping and still had over 30 minutes to wait in the parking lot. My friend Clara and I killed time catching up and exchanging ring tones on our phones. I teased her that we were as bad as our teenage daughters!

As soon as I arrived home, Marty (who'd spent the evening working on a side job) came inside and cooked dinner so I could get to work on the painting. He even fixed my plate and brought it to me so I wouldn't have to stop. At one point I was so tired, but was on a roll so didn't want to stop but I knew if I didn't stop I'd make mistakes and have to fix it later. I decided I'd take a nap and wake up later and finish the jeans and hair of the father figure in the painting. I woke at sometime after 3, wide awake ready to tackle it again. In no time I had the figure complete.


The first time Heather walked in early in this project and I had all 3 canvases upside down I'm sure she thought I'd lost my marbles. Once complete, these canvases will not be framed so the bottom edges have to be painted too.

All in all I am enjoying this project. VBS is looming next week and I know I will be way too tired at the end of the days next week to work on this at all. I also need to finish before then to allow plenty of drying time before I can put the canvases back in their box and deliver them to Kelle. That day is approaching very soon!


LACEY said...




Kelle Sullivan said...

I can not wait to see Frank's face when he sees the paintings for the first time. The only word that comes to mind is AMAZING.

E said...

Oh man, the blue jeans look AWESOME, Tammy! I zoomed in to check out the detail. REALLY GOOD! Can't wait to see the finished product.


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