Monday, June 9, 2008

Day 1 on the "Island"

Today was the first day of VBS. Although it turned out to be a very long day for me, VBS itself was a lot of fun. I usually teach the crafts class and this year have 2 new helpers! Angela and Shannon are so much fun to work with, and Angela is even helping me take all the pictures for the kids' scrapbooks they are making in our class.

The craft ladies:

Shannon, myself, and Angela.

Angela helped Jake with his scrapbook page.

Even the workers' children who are in the nursery came to crafts.

Here I'm helping Chandler with her scrapbook.

Jessica (our youth helper) and I helping a group with their pages.

Shannon and me during the Worship Rally.

Our friend Bill is one of the VBS directors and he helps lead the music in the Worship Rally.

This picture of Angela is actually one of my favorite photos I took today!

The Worship Rally

One of the youth helpers, Michele, with my niece Olivia.

Our fearless leader (and my boss), Pastor Mitch.

Shannon helping her son Dawson with his scrapbook.

Heather with my niece Anna.

Heather is a youth helper in the 1st grade class.
Here she poses with the 1st grade teachers, Tara and Denise.

I'm so glad Angela is helping me take pictures this week!

This is how we look throughout the day!

My nephew Logan.

See you tomorrow for another great day on "Outrigger Island!"

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E said...

Looks like a FUN day for all!

Thanks for taking pics for me, too!


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