Sunday, June 15, 2008

VBS Family Night

Each year VBS culminates with Family Night on the Sunday night after VBS week. It's a night when the families of the students come to the church and see and hear for themselves what the kids have been learning throughout VBS. Sometimes there's a musical and/or drama and the kids never cease to amaze me. I always love watching them sing the songs and most of them really get into the hand motions that accompany the songs.

The photos I took tonight are a little grainy and some are out of focus because the sound room where I sat was far away from the stage in a low-lit auditorium. But I'm posting them anyway. I like the colors of all the decorations and lights. Every year someone comments how visual kids are and that's why we decorate so much in preparation for VBS. It's not just the kids who like all the visual effects! :0)

Pastor Mitch opened the service just before all the kids marched in.

Many of the kids are unable to return on Sunday night for Family Night, but we still usually have a pretty good crowd!

The kids explained to their families what they learned each day.



The kids did a fabulous job! VBS is always a lot of fun, but I'm still always glad when it's over. :0)


E said...

They did do a great job tonight! My kids had a great week.

Til next year... =0)

Debbie said...

First of all thank you for all your valuable assistance with this blog... Secondly, VBS is such a tiring time but, what a joyful time. Looking at your pictures and seeing all the smiling, happy faces is worth all the lack of sleep.


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