Friday, June 6, 2008

Surf's Up....Almost!

Our church's VBS will begin Monday. Teachers have been busy preparing to teach the many children "wave riders" who will attend. I, along with my friend Shannon and the pastor's daughter Angela, will teach the crafts class. We will have the opportunity to teach every child who attends VBS. I have worked in VBS for the past 7 years, teaching crafts the past 5. It is always so much work preparing everything and the week of VBS can be very tiresome for everyone involved, but in the end it is always so rewarding.

Sunday all the teachers and workers will spend the afternoon transforming our church into "Outrigger Island." Already some transformation has begun with decorations in the main areas of the church depicting island and tropical scenery. I don't know that I've ever seen so many surfboards this far inland!

In the midst of my painting project I've been preparing for my VBS class as well. I will wrap up all my preparations on Sunday when Shannon and Angela and I can put our class together and get it decorated. We'll be making scrapbooks with the kids of their week on Outrigger Island so we'll have some scenes set up in our class for photo opportunities for snapshots for their books. I've been putting some decorations together and working on sample pages for the kids, Shannon has been gathering more decorations and helping me brainstorm, and Angela will arrive from the Dallas area tomorrow today so she and Thatcher can spend a week in "tropical paradise" at our church.

The decorations are ready to go up....

The supplies are ready....

and the kids will arrive Monday!

Before Erica had a job she always helped me with the crafts class. I sure miss you during VBS, E!!!

After VBS I think I'll go find a hole to crawl into and sleep for a week! :0)

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E said...

Hey, I like the scrapbook. It turned out GOOD! The kids will have fun with those! =0)


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