Monday, September 3, 2007

Foggy Mornings

We've had some foggy mornings throughout this summer. There's just a peaceful quiet that fog brings to a morning. It makes me want to take my cup of coffee and just sit and listen to the stillness. I can remember as a teenager in my first car, the late nights after closing McDonalds, driving home on the highway leading out to our house. There were nights the fog was so thick I couldn't see a thing. It would give me such a feeling of isolation, but not in a bad way.

I can remember at that time Dad was leaving for work very early in the mornings and he'd always be worried about me having driven home in that thick fog. I didn't always drive safely at all, but in the fog I did and I tried to assure him I did. I'm not sure he believed me. Stories of my sister and I racing our cars may have gotten back to him.

These are all pictures of a peaceful foggy morning I enjoyed one day this summer. They are all taken from my front yard.

1 comment:

photo_chiq said...

I love the last two shots! They are incredable, and mystic... makes you feel like ther is some secret garden hidden amongst the trees.. nicely taken!


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