Monday, September 14, 2009

Introducing...The Mid Texas Symphony Debutantes!

The Mid Texas Symphony Debutantes were officially introduced after intermission of the symphony's first concert yesterday evening. The girls all did a fabulous job ushering and preparing for the concert. Good job girls!

Heather adding inserts to the symphony programs

Heather and Tiffany waiting to take tickets at their door.

Tiffany and Heather hard at work! :0)

The debs who ushered inside the auditorium, helping people find their seats.

I discovered I really like the sounds of the symphony music. I loved the sounds of the stringed instruments!

Introducing the Mid Texas Symphony Debutantes:

Heather as she stepped forward at her introduction:

I was also asked if I'd snap a photo of the 2 maestros so it could be sent to the newspaper. This was their fun pose. I'll send the more formal pose on to be included with the Mid Texas Symphony's newspaper article.

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MeMe said...

Looks like a great set of girls for this season. Have fun.


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