Sunday, September 6, 2009

Friday Night LIghts: Matadors vs. Eagles

Friday night brought our town's high school's first home game of the season. After being trounced so badly last week against our rivals, I wasn't sure what this week would bring.

The Matadors played a superb game and won 41-20!!!

Despite the rain, enthusiastic fans stayed to cheer on the team!

Early in the game the rain began. The dancers all donned their ponchos and kept right on cheering!

Heather on the field with the band, prior to the dance team taking the field.

My favorite photograph of the night was one I snapped of Heather's friend Tiffany as she marched by during the halftime show. Tiffany, like Heather, is on the dance team and in band...and they are both debutantes and both work at the same place!

The dancers performed their ladder routine again and did a super job!

During every home game, after half time, some students are selected to go over to the visiting side and bring back band students to introduce to our kids. Heather was selected and she brought back Christian from the Eagles' band to introduce to the Mighty Matadors.

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