Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday Night LIghts: Matadors vs. Hornets

Friday evening found us San the rain. There were murmurs in our group of staying home from the game and staying dry, but on we trekked. And we're so glad we did! Once the game began the rain stopped!

Although for much of the game I was sure the East Central Hornets were going to sting us good... at the bottom of the 3rd quarter our Matadors fought back and won the game 31-21! Woo hoo!

During the halftime show my daughter marched with the band, playing her mellophone...

...and then she joined the dance team to perform the kick routine:

There was lots of kicking,

even some stunting...

and even more kicking!

Heather is usually found right on the 50 yard line! I love that whether in band or dance I can usually find her easily!

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