Thursday, September 24, 2009

Homecoming Pep Rally

As the rain poured down yesterday I was sure the Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally would be cancelled. My daughter called late in the day to say it still wasn't being cancelled, but that there was talk of cancelling the parade and moving the pep rally inside, into the gym. The parade was scheduled to begin at 7 pm and at 6:15 the rain was still coming down pretty hard out here where we live. Heather called and said it still wasn't cancelled so into town we drove wondering just how drenched we'd get!

When we arrived at our usual spot to watch the parade the rain had slowed to barely a drizzle. Yay! By the time it began we'd feel a sprinkle now and then but that was all. The parade was very short due to several groups deciding not to participate because of the weather.

"Pepe" the school mascot...aka Heather's friend Ryan...rode by on the cheerleaders' float.

At the end of the parade our group walked over to the stadium to watch the pep a very wet stadium! We had not even considered bringing anything to sit on, that the seats would be wet! Oh well, we'd just look like all the other Matador fans and have wet backsides!

Pepe again!

The dance team put on a great show! Heather is in the middle (50 yard line), 2nd girl back.

Heather "owning" that 50 yard line she loves so much!

The traditional burning of the "M"

Go Matadors!!!!

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