Thursday, August 6, 2009

Althea Springs

While in Missouri for my class reunion, I went on a canoe trip with my classmates. During that float trip, we stopped to explore Althea Springs and dam. Later during our vacation, we spent a day traipsing about the countryside with my family. While out and about we returned to Althea Springs to show Heather and explore once again, with my good camera in hand!

There is an entrance to the area behind the waterfall across the river. It's just a very cold wade to get there! The water is about 50 degrees! Marty, Heather and I ventured in while the rest of my family watched from the dry shore.

For some reason I just really like these photos of my hunny playing in the rushing water! Is this the coldest shower you've ever taken Babe?

Really, that's my hand coming from behind the water. By this time my legs had been in the water so long they were NUMB!!!! BRRRRR!

Marty parted the waters so Heather and I could come out from behind the falls without getting completely wet.

Heather and I decided it was time to get out of the water and warm up!

My niece Cece. I'm told she is a mini-me but with red hair!

Marty and me in front of the dam. What a cool place!


marty said...

not the coldest, but close snow run off in the spring is colder

MeMe said...

50 degrees--are you kidding?? No way I could be in that water. Glad you had fun.


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