Monday, August 3, 2009

One, Two, Th....Oh Wait I'm Not Ready!

During our trip to Missouri, we headed to nearby Arkansas to Norfork Lake for a day of swimming with friends. The day turned out rainy and cold so not many ventured out. Those that did had a fun time playing in the water and catching up.

My friend Steve drove about 3 hours just to come see me and meet my family. It was great to catch up with you again Steve!!!

Steve snapped this picture of Heather, me, and Marty on one of the cliffs at the lake.

More friends joined us too despite the rainy, cold day! (Jesse, Christy, and their kids Jessica and Joseph)

Marty and Heather peeked over the edge to see if they wanted to jump off into the water far below.

And away he goes!

Marty just before he hit the water.

It took Heather a little longer to work up her nerve but she went for it. Not me! (Notice how far below her Marty is)

Marty climbing back up the cliff

Always so graceful!

At least she's smiling!

The climb back up almost kept Heather from plunging in.

Christy and Jessica contemplating whether they'd jump.

Jessica decided not to, so Heather jumped with Christy.


Despite the cold and rain, it was a fun day at the lake catching up with friends!

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