Friday, July 31, 2009

PhotoStory Friday-Hodgson Mill

While I was in Missouri for my class reunion/vacation, my mom, sisters, and we set aside a day to take a drive to the cemeteries, to the river, and to a couple of mills we have always enjoyed visiting and photographing. During this outing we visited Hodgson Mill. It is a beautiful mill in a beautiful setting. The last few times I visited Hodgson Mill it had been closed down and was for sale. It is open once again with a little gift shop inside and once again contains historical facts about the mill and area. These places have always fascinated me!

Doesn't that look REFRESHING?!

aaahhhh! Tastes refreshing too! Mmmm fresh spring water!

Me and my sister Regina

Just a goofy shot of me with both my sisters. (Lacey, me, Regina)

My niece Danielle and my sister Regina

The view of the spring from the mill

My family (me, Heather, Marty)

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kaye said...

lovely old mill and some great shots. It's nice to spend a day with sisters. Here’s my photo story. happy Friday!


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