Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Heather's Senior Portraits---Part 1

I've been spending a lot of time reminiscing lately. Having a daughter who's embarking upon her senior year of high school, and having your own 20th high school reunion will do that to you!

While planning our recent trip to MO for my reunion I had an idea to take some of Heather's senior portraits there. I ran the idea by Heather, not knowing if she'd like to or not since it is not the town of her high school, yet she did attend school there in elementary school. She LOVED the idea! Call me sentimental (it wouldn't be the first time!), but I thought it would be special to have some of her portraits taken there. I didn't intend to take them all there, just some of them.

We only took the formal portraits there as we ran out of time to do any casual ones (and because a certain teenager lacked the ambition to get out of bed early enough to do them when time did allow!)

Here are just a few of the portraits that I like. To see more just click on any of them and be taken directly to a gallery full of them.

And of course it wouldn't be Heather if we didn't throw in a couple of fun ones:
goofy face:

...and twirling! Just for fun!

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MeMe said...

Nice pictures. Heather is lucky to have a Mom with a camera and an eye for the best shots. Most girls pay a lot of money for these looks.


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