Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gabby B's Fashion Show

Not too long ago I noticed an ad kept popping up on my sidebar on my facebook page. It was for a clothing boutique called Gabby B's. I finally clicked on it to check it out and am so glad I did! It's a local store with trendy clothing at GREAT prices! I sent a link to my friend Lisa and we both became fans of the facebook page and of the store. A short time later Gabby B's put out the word that they needed people to model their clothes in an upcoming fashion show, no experience necessary. We decided why not! Lisa was chosen to model in their first show and I participated in their latest show which was held last Thursday night.

My daughter Heather and I drove over to the San Antonio store a couple of weeks ago so I could select something to wear for the show. I chose several things to try on and then let Heather and a store employee, Sam, choose for me which would work best. The choice was unanimous!

At 4:00 pm on Thursday I arrived at Spa Enso next door to Gabby B's San Antonio location where the students of Aveda Institue were to meet us to glam us up and ready us for the runway. 25 girls and ladies piled into the spa, each waiting her turn for hair and makeup. As we finished having our hair and make up done the owner of Gabby B's, Jennifer, sent us out to find the photographer she'd hired (Kim Brimhall), to have our portraits made and told us to ask Kim to take some group shots for posters and for her website. The website which will be unveiled any day now will be at Be sure to check it out when it's up and running. You won't believe the cute stuff and great prices!!!

After all the models finished getting glamorous, a hummer limo pulled up in front of the spa so we could arrive at our destination in style. The runway show was held in the same plaza as the store and the spa so it was a very short trip. We were escorted alongside by ladies from the limo company who were dressed very cute in black skirts, heels and sleevless tuxedo shirts. We were treated like royalty! What a fun night!

In visiting with some of the other models I found that most, like me, had never done anything like this before and some were experienced models. Jennifer told us to all just to have fun with it and I'm sure that every one did! I wasn't sure if there would be others my age but found that there was a variety of ages of women participating.

Prior to the show I had practiced my "walk" for the runway following the advice of the experienced models. When it was my turn to get out of the limo and be escorted to the runway, I was so nervous I can not even remember if I walked the way I practiced or not! Marty went along to watch the show and man my camera for me.

While out taking photos, Marty saw us and stopped us for a quick photo (I'm not really as short as this picture appears! I'm standing at the bottom of a ramp)

Me, Ashley and Cayman

The escorts helping me out of my first limo ride ever!

We each waited in the limo until it was our turn to walk the runway.

My first trip down the runway! (And I didn't trip on the stairs in my 4 inch heels!!!)

After each model had gone down the runway we all lined up for one final walk together. This photo shows my favorite part of the dress I wore!

The runway was outside and it was getting dark so lighting wasn't ideal for Marty to take pictures but he got the best pictures he could. Thanks Babe for taking pics and for all you did!

Despite my fear of getting up in front of people, I had a fabulous time and would do it again in a heart beat!


MeMe said...

Looks like fun. Glad you enjoyed it.

C and C Mommy said...

Glad you had a great was fun, wasn't it?


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