Saturday, November 1, 2008

Retro Night?

Even though it was Halloween, Friday night still found us sitting in the stands of a stadium cheering on the Matadors football team. The Mats really got stomped again, but we still enjoyed our evening.

One of the band moms, Pam (who was also Heather's computer teacher in elementary school) went by Cathy's office today to pick up an old dance uniform from her days on the dance team. When the dancers found the old uniforms they asked Cathy if they could wear them since it was Halloween.

Heather in the uniform from the 80's.
The opposing team's dancers danced to "Thriller" and afterward one of the dancers asked me if that brought back memories. I told her as a matter of fact it did! Since when are the 80's old or retro anyway???


Heather in the stands in formation with the other dancers.


The half time show. Heather is in the center in the back row of dancers.


After half time Pam was visiting with the girls and even showed them how her dance team had to march. In honor of the girls wearing uniforms that Pam used to wear I told her I had to take a photo of her with the dancers. The girls were cracking me up with the constant fidgeting and adjusting of the uniforms. You can imagine the complaints Cathy was getting with the waists of these uniforms that sit much higher than these girls have probably ever worn any waistline, unfamiliar buttons and flaps, etc.

Heather and Pam
(Pam's son is Warren, one of the band's drum majors)


Cathy's assitant Ashley. I loved her sparkly mask!

For photos of Heather marching in the band during half time, check out my other blog.


C and C Mommy said...

I have one of those uniforms!! When Cathy and I were cleaning out stuff one time, I took some things home because I thought "one day, I might have a little who will enjoy playing with stuff like this" I have the uniform I used to wear too!! It is amazing how ugly they were!!

E said...

Hmmmm, and those were 'stylish' back then, too. What were we thinking? She should've had the girls do HUGE POOFS with their bangs! Wait, few even have bangs anymore! =0)

Debbie said...

Oh my doesn't that bring back memories... Some I'd like to forget. Looks like you had a good time anyway. Happy Halloween, Love Aunt Debbie

Sherri Kaye said...

I am back online now. I hope you will stop by soon. I had to catch up on what I have missed over the last few weeks and look through your past blogs. I love that picture of the sunrise over the barn that you took after your trip to McDonald's for coffee. Very beautiful.

P.S. Heather looks cute in her "retro" costume.


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