Saturday, November 22, 2008

Photos Downtown at Night

green fountain

After picking Heather up from work tonight, we all went for coffee and to take some photos downtown at night. I wanted to experiment with some photo settings at night before shooting a wedding next weekend. I'm still going to play around a lot more with settings, lighting, etc. in the coming nights but these are what we took tonight. Thankfully, the wedding location will be much more well lit than Central Park was tonight.



For more photos of Central Park at Night, see my other blog.


E said...

I guess I probably drove right by y'all!!! =0)

I have yet to take any photos of that fountain. I'm waiting for the gazebo to be finished.

busysingersmom said...

The fountain is beautiful!!!!

Angela said...

Love the fountain! Good luck with the wedding. Hope they have plenty of light for you. I turned down a wedding last year; they wanted me to photograph outside, at night, with only christmas lights:0 I do however, think shooting weddings would be fun.


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