Sunday, November 23, 2008


lamp posts

As has become our customary Sunday night routine, Marty and I headed to the coffee shop after church tonight for dinner and coffee. When finished we still had time to kill before Heather got off work so we walked around Central Park (with camera in hand of course!). I decided to snap some more night time pictures. While wandering around I noticed the Christmas lights on the lamp posts were lit and they were not lit when we were there last night. Central Park is always beautiful, but even more so with all the Christmas lights on display. I'm anxious to see them all on soon. There's just something so peaceful about walking around among the Christmas lights on such a quiet night. There was no one else around, no traffic. I know by this time next week when all the lights will be up, that won't be the case so it was nice to enjoy our quiet walk together.


Just the simple change of a setting on the camera can totally change the "mood" of a photo from this

to this.

The coffee shop from Central Park.

I should have used a tripod for this one, but in the time it would have taken me to do so I'm sure the oncoming traffic would have run me over.


Dan said...

These are wonderful pics Tammy. I have got to find the time to get out and take more night time pictures. You are inspiring me!

Lana said...

Wow! I can not believe the holidays are already upon us! I love the way the square already looks and it is not even Thanksgiving! Great pictures!

E said...

I'm with Dan on this one... I need to get out and take NIGHT pictures, too.


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