Monday, November 10, 2008

Bob and Sue

Each year the dance team performs a special routine during half time of the final home football game. The routine is always known as "Bob and Sue." Most dancers invite their fathers to perform with them, but in some cases when dads aren't available substitute "Bobs" are invited, such as friends, brothers, boyfriends, etc. Marty danced with Heather as her "Bob" and my father in law Freddie stood in as a substitute Bob for another dancer whose father was unavailable. Freddie even recieved a special "Most Dedicated Bob" award! Go Freddie!

Each year's Bob and Sue dance has a different theme. Last year's theme was Disco and that was a riot! This year the theme was latin. My aunt ordered Heather's costume as a special gift to her. Thank you Nana! Heather loves it!!!

I posed with Marty and Heather for a family photo before practice in the gym.

Being silly with Cleary.
Bob and Sue_silly

Marty and Heather
Bob and Sue_Marty.Heather05

ALL the Bobs and ALL the Sues.
Bob and Sue_group

My father in law Freddie with Carley
Bob and Sue_Freddie.Carley

Heather's friend Brooke and her Dad Bob, Happy.
When I arrived I did not even recognize Happy!!! Heather and Brooke have danced together since we first moved to Texas almost 8 years ago.
Bob and Sue_Brooke.Happy

The Victory Line.
victory line

Marty and Heather dancing on the field.
Bob and Sue_Marty.Heather04

Bob and Sue_Marty.Heather01

Bob and Sue_end

Yay, the Matadors finally won a game!!!! We ended this year's football season on a happy note with a win against the San Marcos Rattlers! Woo Hoo!


E said...

Woo woo, Mart-ay! Check out that chest! {{snicker}}

Great photos. I'm sorry I didn't get to see it. (the dance, not the chest) I really, really wanted to. =0(

humanobserver said...

A nice presentation !

Lana said...

Glad you guys had a great time! It looks like Marty should quit his day job! Glad Marty is a dedicated dad!


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