Saturday, November 15, 2008

38.....Way Too Close to 40...Let's Just Move It Back to Before 30!!!

To be completely honest I have not been looking forward to my birthday today. 38 is just way too close to 40 and I'm not ready to be this close to 40! We didn't make big plans for the day, just dinner at my favorite restaurant with the family and Marty's parents.

Very early this morning the Happy Birthday wishes began pouring in via email and haven't stopped all day! Gosh you all know how to make me feel loved! I've had emails with friends and relatives "singing" Happy Birthday in them and a few even typed "can you "hear" me singing to you???" Yes Nana, Linda, and Elizabeth...I could definitely hear each of you singing in your emails! When I arrived at work there was a gift bag attached to the front door. Erica had stopped on her way to work and left it for me to find. Inside was a great blouse I can't wait to wear! Thanks, E! I love it and it fits great!!! You know me so well!

Tammy bday gift

My sister Lacey was probably the first to wish me a Happy Birthday when she called LAST NIGHT because she was afraid she'd forget today!

My sister Regina called this morning and as we chatted we discovered we'd both be eating at Olive Garden for our birthdays because she had decided to wait a week for her dinner so she could eat there while she was in Springfield (MO) for the weekend. We thought it was funny we'd both be eating at Olive Garden for our birthdays on the same night.

Emails and phone calls wishing me a Happy Birthday continued throughout the morning with these balloons sent all the way from Virginia Beach! Thanks Angela!


I had to laugh when my mom called just as I was about to leave for lunch and said "I just remembered it's your birthday! Happy Birthday!" Thanks Mom!

Typically I eat lunch every day by myself so to have lunch with friends is a rare opportunity and I really enjoy when I can do that on occasion. Today Erica and I had lunch at an Oriental restaurant. Thanks, Erica! Check out E's blog to see how our lunch unfolded.

When I arrived back at the church after lunch I found a card on my desk the pastor had made for me, using a photo I had posted on my blog from our trip to Lost Maples. Thanks Mitch! I especially love what he quoted inside: "Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional." I love it!!!

When my friend Darla called this afternoon to wish me Happy Birthday and I found out she loves going there as much as I do, I just told her she may as well come along too, so she and her daughter Terryn did just that.

When we headed into town and I was able to obtain cell service on my phone I listened to voice mails and recieved texts with more happy birthday wishes. I must say the one having me laughing the hardest was my voice mail from Darla singing Happy Birthday to me!

The absolute sweetest Happy Birthday wish came from Darla's daughter Terryn. She sang to me and told me Happy Birthday many times as we all waited for our table. Terryn will be 5 years old Monday and is one of the "babies" I used to keep in the nursery before she turned 4. I hope you have a great birthday tea party Terryn!!!

Marty snapped a few photos as I opened my cards. He's notorious for always finding the perfect mushy cards that make everyone cry and he didn't let anyone down this time either. I can't believe how he finds cards that say everything so perfectly and always seem to fit what we've been through. This year though, he also added an extra card and noted on the envelope to open at my own risk. Darla backed up afraid something would pop out of it! No, nothing popped out of the card but it was risque and had us all laughing!

Tammy bday_02

Tammy bday_01

Thank you Freddie, Billie, Darla and Terryn for joining us tonight to celebrate. A birthday I was dreading ended up being a very enjoyable day after all thanks to many friends and relatives!

Marty and Heather, I love you both very much and am so glad you helped make my birthday a great one!

Today is also my cousin Carmen's 39th birthday! Happy Birthday Carmen!!!

My high school best friend Elizabeth turned 38 yesterday. Happy Birthday Elizabeth! I hope to see you very soon!!!


E said...

What, no photos of the risque card? ha ha ha JUST KIDDING! =0)

I'm glad you ended up having a good birthday. Now get some sleep! At YOUR AGE, you need lots of rest. {wink}

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad your birthday was a good one!! We've spent too many apart though--we'll get together soon!!

Lana said...

Tammy, glad you had a great birthday! It's okay we will just have a huge party for when you turn 40!!!!!!!!


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