Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Family Photos

family photo_01




family photo_02

While we were at Lost Maples Park in Vanderpool, TX this weekend I wanted to find some cool colorful backgrounds for new family photos. Here are some we took that day.




Sherri Kaye said...

These are great photos Tammy. We are on the same brainwave...I just posted pictures of me and my husband too. Have a great day!

E said...

I really like the colors you chose. Marty's eyes match your shirt very nicely. =0)

They're all good!

Lana said...

I like the family photos! I am also jealous Dave and I have been wanting to go to Los Maples!

busysingersmom said...

Great pictures!!! I wish we would get organized enough to take some!
Did Heather take the ones of you and Marty?

Gram said...

Beautiful pics!

Anonymous said...

So how do you get Marty to go along so easily with the color coordinating thing? Bill always wants to be the rebel that doesn't match anything or anybody in the picture! What a surprise, huh?

Great pictures!



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