Monday, April 20, 2009

Not Me Monday

It is once again time for a "Not Me Monday" post in which I admit to all the craziness that is my life while at the same time denying it all. "Not Me Monday" is where I inform you of all the insanity of the previous week! Normally I would send you over to MckMamma's blog to get started and to see what everyone has NOT been up to...but she's unable to play along with us for now. In the mean time check out her blog and pray for her son Stellan with her.

On to the craziness....tonight after a meeting in our community I was not approached by a reader here who said "you're Tammy... I read your blog. I'm a friend of Thien's and my name is Jessica." So, I am not going to give a shout out to Jessica (Hi Jessica!) and would not even tell her to say hello the next time she drops by here and leave a comment (leave a comment to say hello next time, Jessica).

I did not plan for months and months to go to the beach this weekend with my family and friends to attend Sandfest and see the sand sculptures. We did not decide Friday not to go after all on Saturday due to weather forecasts of rain and thunderstorms. We did not learn today that it didn't rain a drop at the beach on Saturday. But, we did not have an absolutely marvelous time chatting the day away with my friend Kendra and her kids. Heather did not LOVE having teenagers in the house to hang with either! The teenagers did not start a game of Monopoloy as soon as Kendra and her kids Erica and Ashton arrived and surely did not spend much of the afternoon playing!

Heather's friend Hunter, Heather, and Kendra's kids: Erica and Ashton

When it was time to eat dinner Saturday, Marty did not dig out Heather's old portable picnic table we used when she was little. All the teenagers did not sit at it to prove they'd still fit either!

Erica, Hunter, Heather and Ashton

Time for dinner! Kendra, Erica, Heather, Marty, Hunter, Ashton and in the corner my mother in law Billie.

Heather is not attending her first prom this weekend and of course I'm not planning to take tons of photos of she and her date. Her date also has not been warned of the hundreds of photos he's likely to endure before I let my daughter out the door. Said date did not spend all of Saturday hanging out at our house. During that time, he and Heather certainly were not found chasing my husband Marty round and round the house as they attempted to steal his giant tub of cheese balls from him! Nope, that kind of craziness just doesn't happen here...must have been someone else's house, someone else's husband, someone else's kid!

I did not spend Sunday afternoon taking marvelous portraits of my friend Shannon. And I of course did not make her climb up a set of steps on the OUTSIDE of the rail to get a shot I wanted! Nope, just ask anyone whose portraits I've taken..I'd NEVER do something like that!

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