Saturday, April 25, 2009

Heather's First Prom

I just sent my baby girl off to her first prom. She looked so beautiful and her boyfriend so handsome! Gosh it really hit home how much she has grown up! What a bittersweet time!

Helping her get ready for her big night:

I have always loved taking photos such as these. And of course this process is a big part of prom night!

Yes, I am biased, but what a beautiful young lady!

Heather in the prom dress her Granny made for her. What a blessing to have such a talented Granny! Thank you Billie!

Heather and her daddy:

It seems she has grown up overnight...and she's finally taller than me...even without the 3 inch heels! I'm standing on a block of wood!!!

Our family:

Heather with Granny and Pappy Freddie. What a bunch of cut-ups!

Aw, Daddy's girl. One of those moments that just makes you cry:

Hunter gets his boutonniere:

Heather's corsage:

The cute couple! Heather and Hunter.


C and C Mommy said...

Awww....she looks beautiful!!


Anonymous said...

Tammy, She is so beautiful!

CPA Mom said...

Poor Marty...she looks nothing like him...Heather is all you and your mom!! She is so beautiful it literally brought tears to my eyes. Especially your family photo. I miss you lady!

cheri said...

GORGEOUS! She reminds me of Kristin Stewart(Bella from Twilight)!


E @ Scottsville said...

They sure make a cute couple. I especially love that very first picture.

And Billie did do a fabulous job on the dress!

Julie G said...


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful dress, beautiful girl, beautiful family!!!!!

(Sure wish we could borrow Granny!!! It's just too far for fittings though....Wonderful job Billie!!!)

Gram said...

Way to go Tammy & Marty for creating such a beautiful young lady. Hunter and Heather make a "cute couple". Glad you two had such a great evening!


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