Thursday, April 23, 2009

Preparations for a Spectacular Prom

Heather asked her Granny (my mother in law) to make her prom dress and of course Granny has agreed. I took Heather to look at patterns and she selected one she liked and then took Granny back to show it to her and find out if she'd make it. Granny took her shopping for the fabric, the notions, the pattern, etc. In the mean time Heather and I went another day in search of shoes. She never did find the shoes she wanted in the color she wanted but found some she liked that would do. There have been evenings of fittings and measurements off and on for a few weeks back and forth between both households.

Prom is this Saturday and the final adjustments are being made. The dress looks almost finished and no longer like a heap of fabric.

I wanted photos of the process but did not want to give away the look of the dress before the night of the actual prom and portraits. So, I carefully shot a few photos...then changed them all to black and white photos so the color of the dress isn't even obvious.

Tools of the trade:


C and C Mommy said...

I can't wait to see the REAL thing!!

Grace said...

I am ready to see the real thing also.I does look pretty even in black and white.


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