Sunday, November 6, 2011


On Monday of our vacation we stayed pretty close to Mom's house as we were pretty worn out from the long drive and then the long day Sunday exploring Boxley Valley. We slept in a little and I asked Mom to show me again the old school where my Grandpa attended first grade. I knew the approximate vicinity but could not remember exactly how to get there.

The last time I visited the school we took photos from the road as the owner of the property had fenced in the school. This time we decided to venture a bit closer and walked up the owner's driveway for a closer look. As we approached the fence with our cameras the farmer, on his tractor, shouted to us that we were welcome to go through his gate and into the pasture for a closer look! We didn't hesitate and headed to the gate.

I'm afraid the building may not stand many more years and was happy to capture some shots of it.

My mom standing in the door:

Nearby there is also an old spring house that was surrounded by some pretty fall colors:

I'm very thankful that my husband will generally stop when I yell "stop" so that I can simply step out of the car for a photo. He doesn't always know what I've spotted but if possible stops anyway. That day, one of my favorite photos of the trip was snapped:

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