Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Boxley Valley: The Hike in Lost Valley

It was a beautiful walk through the woods, to the natural bridge, crawling up over huge rocks, up to the waterfall that with recent drought provided just a trickle, on to the cave at the end...and back down.

Heather and Marty walking the trail:

All the gals paused along the trail on a fallen log over the creek:

An old hollow tree that appears to have been burned. Each of the kids took turns standing inside the remains for a photo. Heather:

My niece Nicole:

Heather, my sister Lacey, my niece Nicole and my mom walking together:

My cousin's daughter Lea looks so tiny below the massive rocks!

Heading up over the natural bridge to the waterfall on the other side.

Just too funny not to snap

Up up and up the trail climbed

Just outside of the natural bridge the view was stunning. Straight up rock bluffs all around.

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