Thursday, April 1, 2010

Save the Last Dance

It seems I've blogged many many of my daughter's dance events. This week brought with it her final performance with her high school dance team. Friends teased me to "take your kleenex with you!" It was the annual Spring Showcase in which the dancers and cheerleaders showcase this year's competition routines. And I shed no tears...almost...well none....until the final slideshow at the end of the evening. A slideshow of photos of both teams throughout this past year. Then the tears did fall.

Heather is in the back row, far left:

Heather's in the very center, back row. Hurts to even think about kicking my leg that high!!!

Modern dance to "Crayola"

Heather says she's through dancing and only has plans to study music in college. I am waiting to see if she misses it the first year and changes her the mean time I sure have loved watching her dance all these years and look forward to what her college years bring. Good luck Heather! We love you and are so proud of you!


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