Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mini Me

Meet CeCe:

CeCe is one of my nieces in Missouri. Her biological father is my baby brother Levi. I think it was 2007 the first time I met CeCe, and it wasn't much time before that I even knew of her existence. As soon as we met there was a connection. Mom told me then that CeCe doesn't often have much to do with people she doesn't know. The first time I met her a bunch of us took one of our family road trips to go exploring and taking photos. She came along and even hiked next to me for much of the way.

Easter weekend my family spent one afternoon at Mammoth Springs, Arkansas.

Levi and CeCe:

I loved that Levi spent the WHOLE day with us! He was so much fun and what a goofball!

Some of my family tell me CeCe is a mini me, only with red hair. I tend to agree with them!

My mom and CeCe:

CeCe absolutely adores my mom! Who can blame her??!!!!

And of course this "mini-me" likes to borrow Mema's camera!!!

I am sure enjoying getting to know this little girl bit by bit on my visits back home!

PS, only 2 more posts until the big giveaway!!!

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