Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Day at the Park

My sister Lacey wanted to spend an afternoon at Mammoth Springs, Arkansas while I was home for the weekend. The plan was to go the afternoon we arrived and take a picnic lunch. That day turned out to be too windy to take the baby out so we didn't go. Saturday turned out much nicer so after I delivered some paintings I had sold we decided it would be a great afternoon for an outing.

All the gals posed for a photo below the dam. From left to right, my sister in law Lis, my niece's friend Rachel, my sister Regina, my niece Danielle, my sister Lacey, my niece (the baby) Nicole, my mom, my niece CeCe, me, and my daughter Heather.

Mom said someone needs to have their photo taken with the water in the background so I obliged!

Regina and Lacey getting Nicole settled into her stroller for her day in the park

While all the girls enjoyed walking around the park the boys all went downstream and went fishing! My husband Marty:

My brother Levi:

My brother in law Greg:

My hunny and me!

Levi and me

what a couple of goofballs!

Only ONE MORE POST until the giveaway! Be watching for it!!!


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