Sunday, July 5, 2009

2009 Biggest Small Town 4th of July Parade

To see my favorite patriotic photos of this 4th of July Parade, visit my Seguin blog here.

Our town claims to have the "Biggest Small Town 4th of July Parade." Each year we've lived in Texas we have participated in the parade, usually with our church. This year, Heather was the only participant and Marty and I were able to just relax and be spectators....only I didn't let us relax so much. Heather had to be dropped off early to line up with the high school band so we took her to her designated spot and found a parking place on a nearby street. We then got our chairs and my camera and headed to our favorite spot downtown to watch. When we arrived I asked Marty if he minded terribly if we didn't sit in our chairs and if we could take them back to our car (parked several blocks from where we now were) and if he'd mind if we just wondered around so I could take pictures. Being the great sport he usually is, he simply said "lead the way." So back to the car we went, then all the way back to the streets where floats were lining up, and we made our way through several and back to where the band waited all the while snapping photos as we walked and looked. We stopped to chat several times with people we know. We eventually wound our way BACK downtown where we originally planned to watch the parade and arrived just before the parade began, right about the time my inlaws also arrived and we watched the parade together. They left shortly after Heather and the band went through, saying they'd seen what they came to see: Heather's final 4th of July parade with her high school band.

I had to laugh at all the floats with girls with long dresses. Most of the girls on all those floats had their dresses hiked up trying to keep cool while waiting for the parade to start.

Waiting for the parade to begin

I just wanted to take this one home!!!!!

Jamie (a buddy of Heather's) and Heather, waiting for the parade to start.

Our County's Junior Miss! Congrats Brooklyn!!! (Brookly and Heather have danced together in the past and both girls are debutantes this year.)

Love these old roadsters

Heather usually opts to march in parades with the band, even though the dance team usually has a float or walks in the parade. This year's dance team float was cute.

After Heather marched to the end of the route with the band she joined us to watch the rest of the parade.

It never fails that whatever side we are on to watch the parade...Heather marches on the other side! I did manage to snap a few photos as she went by.

Our church's music minister Rodney is a part of the Sheriff's Posse

An entertaining pooper scooper

The tanning salon had a cute float too.

This little cutie was next to us watching the parade. I could not resist snapping her photo as she walked up to her family members saying "say cheese." Notice her camera is backward. Too cute!


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