Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

It is once again time for a "Not Me Monday" post in which I admit to all the craziness that is my life while at the same time denying it all. "Not Me Monday" is where I inform you of all the insanity of the previous week! To take part in all the goofy fun head over to MckMamma's blog to get started and to see what everyone has NOT been up to!

Wednesday I did not nearly get sick from the pine fumes when the custodian at the church mopped all the floors! And I had not just dropped off my allergy prescription and out of pills! Gah! Pine! 'nuff said.

Wednesday my sister's home did not burn to the ground (and how I wish this really did not happen!) This is not the 2nd time she and her family of 4 have lost their home in a fire in 3 years. She did not tell me that it's time to send "Patches" back to her to help her feel better. (To see what the story is behind Patches, go here). And of course being the loving sister I am, I did not procrastinate getting that done and he does not still sit here waiting to be put in a box and shipped to Missouri! I have not cried my eyes out in sorrow for my sister and I did not take my friend Darla with me to go shopping for new clothes for my sister's family. And I also have not procrastinated getting those clothes shipped out to her so she can have them to wear! Nope, not me because I don't procrastinate..EVER!

I did not enjoy spending a rare Friday night at home doing NOTHING and just relaxing with my family!

I did not thoroughly enjoy watching a friend's first grade son play basketball early Saturday morning and did not become excited when he made BASKETS!

I have not been redecorating my home office with whimsical flip flops my favorite aunt has sent me. I have not been plastering the walls with photos of the beach and photos of us and our friends at the beach either, because really...who would want to see pictures of all of us in our windblown, sand-filled hair, no make up wearing selves on display??? And nope, it's not turning out cute either!




E said...

Great - I see me in the back of one of those photos. Oh well, at least I'm pretty well hidden. =0)

Happy Monday!

Marty said...

I think you need to look again Erica,I see two pictures!!!!

E said...

Oh you're RIGHT Marty! I didn't even see that other one with your TWO women. But I'm fully covered in that one. =0)


Sherri Kaye said...


Your office is looking too cute. It makes me long for spring/summer. I am so tired of the winter.

Have a great day!

Lana said...

Aww! Tammy, it is turning out cute! Looks like fun too!


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