Friday, February 20, 2009


Some of you know the trials my family in Missouri has been facing. For those of you who don't, I will give you a brief synopsis so you can see how God truly is working in their lives.

On Wednesday, January 28 my sister Regina and her family lost their home in an electrical fire during an ice storm that swept through the midwest. This is the 2nd time their family has been devestated by fire in 3 years. I can't imagine how I'd feel in their shoes but am so thankful they have not wavered in their trust in God.

The following week my brother Davy was injured when he was cutting a tree in the aftermath of the ice storm. He said he saw the tree coming at him and he believed it was going to hit him square in the chest. He slipped on the ice and the tree fell on his leg. He was taken by helicopter to Springfield for surgery and is now recovering at home. He sounds amazing when I talk to him and is thankful to God that all that was hurt was his leg. He tells anyone who will listen that he knows Jesus was holding his hand that day.

Regina called me yesterday and told me of some of the blessings being poured upon her family this week. A family member has made a house available to them while they rebuild their own home, and they are able to live in the house rent-free the first 2 months. In addition to that when they arrived at church Wednesday night it was to a surprise shower their church family had planned for them to replace many of their belongings.

My sister in law Lis phoned me this week also and told me the teacher of her and Davy's Sunday School class had just told her the whole class will be at their house Sunday morning to have Bible Study there since they can't travel to church yet.

Here are some photos taken of the last time ALL my brothers, sisters and me were together (Christmas 2007)

Grandma and Mom

My sisters and me (Me, Lacey, Regina)

My sister in law Lis and me


Levi and Lacey walking together.

We do serve a mighty God!


E said...

Yes, we do! I'm so glad that their churchs are reaching out to them. That's what church family should be for! Awesome!

Elizabeth said...

What an incredible God we serve! And what awesome friends and family to have around them. I keep them in my prayers.


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